In the past era, churan was the best home remedy given to us for treating stomach related issues like acidity, stomach aches, diarrhea, gastric issues and various others. Till now it is considered to be a great Ayurvedic alternative to medications that gives tremendous and quite immediate results. Ruhani Suparis offers a variety of churan powders and churan golis to cure your stomach ailments These are equally liked by adults and kids because of their spicy and tangy flavor.

Found in form of tablets, you can get a multiple variety of churan golis from our store in Jodhpur. These are made up of different ingredients usually including fennel seeds (sounf), nimbu, harad, ajwain, cardamom, turmeric, adrak (ginger), amla, imli and mango extracts, dalchini, sugar, and other such things that boast of many curative properties. Each of the churan golis is comprised of two or more of the aforementioned ingredients. We also ensure that all of these components are fresh and in pure form, thus giving a product which is not only healing, but is also zesty.

As goes for all our products, all of those under the churan category too are harnessed directly from nature, causing no side effects and are widely appreciated and acclaimed for their superior quality and safety. You can buy churan online from our website and we ensure to make your purchase as convenient as possible.

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