About Ruhani Suparis

Honesty, and dedication are the watchwords of Ruhani Suparis. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of various Indian Suparis, different variety of Saunfs (mouth-freshners), Ayurvedic digestive Churan (powder) and Golis (tablets), and other herbal products in Jodhpur. All of our products are made with the natural elements of a superior quality and are further packed maintaining high standards of hygiene.Based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, our mission is to supply each of our products nationally as well as globally. We make sure of manufacturing and providing excellent products packed under hygienic conditions. All of the products that we sell are monitored under stringent quality checks before being sold.

Served as an after meal mouth freshener in India and various other Asian countries, you can find different types and flavors of Sweet Suparis (betel nut), Mukhwas or saunf (fennel seeds), Pan Masala, Ayurvedic Digestive Churan and golis (Candy). We, Ruhani Suparis are the pioneers in the manufacturing of all types of the aforementioned products.  As an established manufacturer and supplier of each of these products in Jodhpur, we ensure that each of these products is made of natural elements of high-quality standards. All of the products that you get from us are fresh, hygienically processed and then packed in airtight containers to ensure a fresh and quality product. In addition to that, you can get a variety of flavors of all of these products at quite reasonable and pocket-friendly prices.

We ensure that all of our products are processed under the guidance of experts in accordance with the established norms and industrial standards. The professionals engaged for processing these products make use modern machinery and premium quality material obtained authentically. A squad of skillful experts monitors every step of production, in order to maintain the excellence of these products. Plus, these products are also tested on variegated parameters of quality, before the final dispatch. The customers highly applaud our products for their longer shelf life, exact composition, as well as the unadulterated and refreshing flavor.

We offer four main products including:

Supari: supari aka betel nuts are proven to be a useful recipe for digestion. These nuts are known for sweetening the breath, strengthening the gums and also for producing stimulants that positively affects the digestive system. We, at Ruhani Suparis, produce several kinds of sweet supari that produce that ‘oh-so-yummy’ effect in the mouth of the consumer. Elaichi Chikni Sweet Supari, Chaka Chak Black Supari,  Black Dollar Kaju Supari with extra mint, Ruhani Gulab Rasili Supari are some of the most favorite supari products that the consumers just love to buy from us. We mix various other natural ingredients like gulkand, saunf, mint extracts and a variety of others to give each of them a unique flavor.

Churan: churan or Ayurvedic digestive churan is one of the best home remedies for stomach related ailments like indigestion, gastric issues, and constipation. We, at Ruhani Suparis manufacture a wide variety of churans in an assortment of flavors that are sweet, spicy and tangy. This because all our churans combine the goodness of many kinds of natural ingredients. These include anardana, black cardamom, jeera (cumin seeds), nimboo, ginger (adrak) ajwain, and dalchini (cinnamon). Each of the churan is made by the amalgamation of two or more of these components, thus helping with digestive issues. Along with the various kind of digestive churan, you can also get a variety of candies and toffees that too are produced with natural ingredients like imli and mango.

Mouth fresheners: an Indian meal is considered to be incomplete without mukhwas also known as flavored saunf. The aromatic, sweet and refreshing fennel or saunf is an ultimate mouth freshener that can help you to get rid of bad breathing problem. We at Ruhani Suparis offer a wide range of mukhwas including 20-20 mix, Dilkush Mukhwas, Gulab mix, Khus Khus Mukwas, Madrasi Gulab Flavored Sounf, Mint Goli and a variety of others. The natural ingredients include Pan Masala, gulkand, elaichi, sugar and many others.

Silver Items: Ruhani Suparis also offer silver coated mouth fresheners and food decoration products including Silver Elaichi, Silver Saunf, Silver Jintan or sugar balls, Silver Softy, Silver Suparis and others. We make use of raw materials like sugar, menthol, silver foil as well as permitted flavors to manufacture all of these products. Apart from using them for decorating cakes, pudding, and other desserts, these are widely used in welcoming guests on festivals and occasions like weddings.