Mukhwas is a colourful condiment that is consumed after meals. It is an Indian version of mouth freshener that also aids in digestion. Ruhani Supari offers excellent range of mukhwas with pan masala and flavours to freshen the mouth and give a great after meal taste. Made in hygienic environments and standard packaging, we assure to deliver the fresh pan mukhwas online.  

Mishri or rock candy is known for its amazing health benefits including its cooling effect and balancing acid levels in the body. It is a household product and Indians also love it in the form of candy. We offer a range of flavoured mishri candies online which offer great tasty and provide amazing health benefits.

Chandan Mishri

The sweet taste of mishri combined with the mild scent of chandan makes this candy an amazing option for desert. Buy this amazing flavoured mishri online and give it as a healthy snack for kids and adults.

Elaichi Mishri

Sweet mishri mixed with the mild flavour of organically grown elaichi is not just amazing on the taste buds, but it also helps in digestion and cooling the body.

Gul gulab mishri

This is a delightful mixture of rock candy (mishri) and the royal rose flavour to give a refreshing taste at every bite. Rich scent of fresh roses makes this a popular choice at weddings and parties.

Kesar kunj mishri

Yet another genius candy option from Ruhani Supari, the kesar kunj mishri is a true mithai from an Indian household. A fusion of mishri and aromatic kesar make it a delightful candy to munch on.

Khus-khus mishri

With mouth-watering taste and refreshing aromas, the khus-khus mishri is a preferred choice at parties, marriages, and other occasions. It is the best way to treat your kids with healthy sweets.

Mint goli

Mint is known for being an amazing herb which also exudes natural freshness. If you are looking to buy mint mishri online, then Ruhani Supari is the tight place for excellent mishri that captures the natural essence of mint in mishri.

Pan flavour mishri

The sweet taste of mishri fused with the fresh aromas of pan is truly amazing. This pan flavoured mishri is an all time favourite of both adults and kids.

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