The sweet taste, rich aroma and the freshness bestowed by sweet supari make it loved by many people. They often like to eat it as a refreshing mouth freshener after meals. We, at Ruhani Suparis, manufacture a variety of sweet supari, chikni supari and different others. The high standard of quality and excellence that we maintain in each of our products has made us a prominent business entity in Jodhpur. And because of that many people favor to buy from us. If you too are willing to try our plethora of supari products, then you can either visit our store in Jodhpur or buy supari online from us and get it delivered safely right at your doorstep.

Although betel nut (supari) has been compared with chewing tobacco, but when consumed in a small quantity it serves as a remedy to boost digestion and heal gums. The supari products offered by Ruhani Suparis are pure betel nuts or suparis mixed with a proportion ratio of other medicinal ingredients and increase the curative values. These ingredients usually include betel nut (supari), fennel seeds (sounf), menthol, cardamom, khajoor, turmeric, gulkand, sesame, sugar, and other such things. Each of the sweet supari or chikni supari is comprised of two or more of the aforementioned ingredients. We also ensure that all of these components are fresh and in pure form, thus giving a product which is zest and refreshing in taste.

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